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Human Survival Kit features a bunch of my favourite items that are 100% necessary for survival. Every pack is slightly different with the variety of colour combinations, treat flavours & mini screen printed journals, featuring lyrics from my songs off the EP... all wrapped up and cozy in a Georgia Lines Human tote... *not big enough to fit an actual human & do not recommend trying.

What is in this Survival Kit you may be wondering...

1x Custom Georgia Lines Tissue packet... essential for leaking eyes, embracing human emotion & putting your gum into something before finding its home in the bottom of your handbag.
1x Custom journal.. for all your notes, thoughts and political opinions. Colours vary in each pack.
1x Moon Soda Drink Cooler - essential for hydration*
1x Custom Chocolate... flavours vary in each survival kit.... who doesn't need a bit of chocolate to get through a normal week, let alone to survive.
1x Georgia Lines Human EP... a physical copy for all of you who still own a CD player or have a resident CD in your car.
1x Custom plasters.. for the blisters you get when you haven't worn in your new shoes, when your dress requires no bra but it's awfully cold... or for any other practical reasons you may require one.
1x Packet of Loose Leaf organic Tea .... because who doesn't love a cup of tea. You are silly if you don't. (I also don't mean that, but I don't understand you)

*Drink not included



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